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10 Epic SEO Blogs To Follow In 2016

Why do I call them Epic SEO blogs? Because that's just what they are! These blogs are my favorite go to blogs for everything under the sun about SEO check out the list below to find out who made my list and why they're there.  

Some of them teach basic SEO and give sound advice about general SEO structure and strategies, while others show some serious insider tips that can help you catapult your blog in 2016.  I would highly suggest visiting each of these websites and bookmarking them so you can go back again and again.  Oh, and while your on their website, make sure you subscribe to their newsletter so you can stay ahead with SEO.

Epic SEO Blog #1 Backlinko

Brian Dean, the owner of Backlinko is in my opinion the best SEO blogger on the planet.  I'm sure I will have people disagree with that opinion, but I'll stick by it to the end.  On his website you will find many different tips and white hat SEO tricks that will make your website another top ranking website on Google IF AND ONLY IF you follow what he says and do the work.

SEO is not an instant ranking fix.  It takes time to see your results, but Brian Dean has shown me how to find great guest blogging opportunities, how to get back-links without doing any extra work other than my usual daily posting on my website, and many other tips that I'm sure you will enjoy. 

I have posted a few of his tips on my site as well and YES I did site him on those posts.  You can find one of those tips on my post 6 things to consider before buying your domain name. One of his posts that you definitely will want to check out is The Definitive Guide To Guest Blogging.  

Epic SEO Blog #2 MOZ

MOZ is my #2 because it's more than just a blog.  MOZ is a seo software suite of tools that you can use to do many different things.  For instance, I use it every day to check the metrics on other websites that I may be interested in guest blogging for. If they don't have good metrics, it would be a waste of my time to blog for them.

I also use this to find domain names to purchase. If you are starting up a new website, or if you are into flipping websites I highly recommend this tool.  You can find some great domain names a low price with this tool.  You should already know from my other post mentioned above that you will want a domain name with good DA and PA.  This is one of the best tools to use for those metrics.

I also use this tool to keep track of my own website's ranking and metrics.  You can set up campaigns and watch your sites as they grow in rank.  This is the most exhilarating thing I've seen in a long time seeing my website start to gain ground within just a week using these tools and standards for my SEO. 

This blog also has great articles and expert training for you and your team.  The training is free with your subscription, and you can get a free 30 subscription so there is no reason to not at least check out what they offer.

Epic SEO Blog #3 Google

Google is of course my #3 go to on SEO topics.  Where else are you going to find real answers to your SEO questions about how to get to the top of Google if you aren't following the advice from Google it's self?  

Don't listen to other so called SEO experts that are out there bashing Google.  I have read in recent months that Google is all too well known for secrecy and truly knowing what they want to rank websites is impossible to know. This is FALSE information.  Yes Google needs to keep some things out of the public, but in general they tell people straight out what their algorithms are looking for when it comes to ranking. 

Google knows Google best and if you want to stay on top of what they are coming out with and their new algorithms, you need to follow their blog.  

This blog also gives great information on up and coming businesses and tools that you can use for all different types of business needs.  To just bypass Google's blog when talking about SEO would be sacrificing what your business ultimately needs....the correct information.

Epic SEO Blog #4 HubSpot

Hubspot is one of the top ranking websites on the internet for SEO and all things marketing and sales.  If you have been around for any length of time in the online marketing world you should have heard of them by now.  If not, this is definitely one you are going to want to subscribe to.

They post on average 3-5 content rich and quality articles everyday.  They also get between 6 million and 10.2 million visitors a day to their blog so you know for certain that it's a go to website for some most of the online marketing and SEO community.  

Epic SEO Blog #5 Jeff Bullas

I just can't say enough about how awesome I think this blog is. I find myself on this blog at least twice a day reading the most interesting and well written articles on SEO and marketing that can be found on the internet.

Jeff Bullas is a master at SEO and his accomplishments are listed below and are very impressive.  He is one you will come to know very well if you are into SEO for your business. You can even contact him to come to your event as a speaker. 

Achievements include:


Epic SEO Blog #6 Search Engine Land

Ok, when I first went onto this website my graphic designer brain went haywire for a second.  There is a lot going on here.  That is the only thing I would change about this website. The information you will find on this website goes above and beyond what I had expected from the first page. Don't let all that busy artwork put you off.

When it comes to SEO this website has it all.  100% up to date on everything Google and other web search engines.  They don't just stop at Google like most other SEO websites do.  The reason for this is because Google may be the biggest, but they are not alone out there.

I for one used to make it a purposeful decision NOT to use Google search engine.  I always used bing or yahoo. So if you want to make sure your website is optimized for ALL of the top search engines, not just Google, this is your one stop shop for all that information. 

Epic SEO Blog #7 SEOBook

This is definitely a do-follow blog. You are not going to want to miss a post from here if you are serious about SEO.  The information on this blog is just astounding.  Their stats are high with this blog as well. They get over 1.2 million blog visitors a month.

The only issue I have with this site is that they only post 1-2 articles per month. The information they do post though is top quality and definitely worth a look whenever you get the chance to look it over.

If you are stuck on anything with your SEO, head over to this blog and do a little search.  You will get multiple posts on the topic you are looking for and it's sound and correct information.  

They have a training series on their blog as well. It is priced at $10/day, which threw me off a little bit because most courses are priced per month, but I haven't taken the course.  Typical courses for any online business teaching anything technical run quite a lot lower than that, but the description of the course is sound and offers quite a lot of information from a top SEO expert. 

Epic SEO Blog #8 Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is yet another busy looking website that kinda had my head in a whirl when I landed on the site.  But once you dig deeper into the nitty gritty of this site you will soon realize how useful it really is.

They have answers for all of your most pressing questions.  Their categories include SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social, Local, Mobile, Video, Content, and Development.  If you have any questions about any of the above topics, this is one site to put on your check list for most valuable. 

They currently post 2-3 articles per day and have a visitor/month rate of over 1.3 million. 

Epic SEO Blog #9 Yoast

Yoast is another one of my all time favorites. I use Yoast SEO WordPress Plug in for my website to make absolutely sure that each page on my website is 100% spot on for SEO.  Their blog is no different than their plug in.

It's reliable and filled with awesome information on SEO.  You can't go wrong following this website.  From start to finish it's jam packed with useful tips, tricks, and strategies to make your SEO efforts pay off big time.  

Their plug in is so easy to use even a newbie can learn and apply epic SEO from the start.  If you have an already existing website this plug in will take your under performing website and turn it into a highly optimized well oiled organic traffic machine.  Don't hesitate in upgrading this plug in to maximize your SEO capabilities. 

Epic SEO Blog #10 Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is the last on my list today, but it certainly shouldn't be considered least. There are great articles on this website to help anyone out with their website SEO needs as well as content writing and marketing.

One of the posts I found on the website just today offers 41 different FREE tools to help you out with your online business needs. This is one website and article that is definitely worth your time to check out and browse through.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will check out the sites listed above.  They all have great tips, tricks, and white hat SEO strategies that are sure to help you with your online business.

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