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Welcome to the Epic Advantages Blog.  Here you will find relevant blog posts in both business tips and technology. The business tips category will give you posts on SEO, WordPress, Site Structure, YouTube, Blogging, and much more.

The technology category will give you insights on different tools that we use every day in our business to help us make things much easier and less time consuming. 

If you would like to guest post on this blog you can submit your post with one link, writer's bio, high quality related image with proof of usage rights and author image by emailing me at and enter the subject "GUEST POST SUBMISSION" If your post and your website meets our standards your post will be posted as soon as possible. May take up to a week depending on the amount of guest posts that are submitted.  

All posts should be between 1200-2500 words and include at least two images for use with post.  You may also include a video or PDF that relates to your post if have that additional content.  If your content is of an exceptional quality I will post a contextual link on a separate related post back to your website and inform you by email of the post your link was placed on.  

We will not accept any affiliate links to any products, pornography, gaming, or any other topic that is not related to the business niche.  Posting an article that is not related to the theme of this website "Business and Marketing" will not help your website gain ground with your SEO.

Content submitted must be 100% original content written by you and not permitted to be reposted on your blog or anywhere else on the internet.  If you plan on submitting a post that you purchased from a content writer from Fiverr, please go back to the drawing board and submit something original.  (Don't mean to sound cheeky, but their content is NOT original.)

Posting comments with links is not permitted.  Doing so will only cause your comment to be trashed.  All comments are held for moderation before being published.  Please ensure that the comment does not contain any of the following:

  1. Profanity
  2. A link
  3. An image
  4. Racial references
  5. Derogatory put downs of others of any nature

Trying to post any of the above restricted contents to our site will get the comment trashed.  We respect all views on every topic and even if your comment is less than favorable it will be published as long as it falls within the guide lines posted above. 

We are a reputable website that has a lot to offer anyone struggling with business.  We are here to help in every way possible.  Please be respectful to all other commentator's and authors. 

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