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Buzzfeed Drops Donald Trump Seriously Stupid In My Opinion

Every company has the right not to do business with anyone, but Buzzfeed has just proved how stupid they really can be. If you're going to do this you might want to get out of the marketing business.  

Yesterday 6/6/2016 Buzzfeed announced that they cut ties with the RNC because of they don't approve of Donald Trump's immigration policies to block all Muslims from coming into the country from areas that are regarded as high terror threats to the US. 

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer responded: "Space was reserved on many platforms, but we never intended to use BuzzFeed." He added, in a reference to Hillary Clinton, "It is ironic that they have not ruled out taking money from a candidate currently under investigation by the FBI."

But apparently they are ok with crooked Hillary Clinton's policy of allowing EVERYONE into this country without knowing what their true motives are.  But that's ok RIGHT BUZZFEED!? It's perfectly fine that she wants to take our right to protect ourselves from terrorist that wish us harm by abolishing the second amendment too HUH BUZZFEED!? 

I assume you also think it's perfectly ok for the American public to have to pay for all of these immigrants to live here too huh?  The government has been taking money from the American people and giving it to people who in my opinion should never receive a dime.  

How about we pay for our people, our Veterans, our elderly, our homeless before we bring in millions of people without vetting them and give them everything our own people do without? Oh that's right, liberals like the people in your company don't care about the American people I forgot that fact for a second....

I think your company needs to stay out of the political spotlight and concentrate on your own business.  If you are an american company you need to hire only american reporters and stop sending jobs oversees like other companies to save yourself a buck or two.

 Then there's this little Buzzfeed tidbit!

BuzzFeed's editorial view of Trump had already been established. Last December, Smith wrote in an internal memo that he thought it was "entirely fair" to refer to Trump as a "mendacious racist."

I don't like the fact that you and other so called media outlets can't seem to bring yourself's to stop the hate mongering and stop fueling the flames of racism.  There is absolutely nothing racist about stopping terrorists from coming to this country hell bent on killing as many Americans as they possibly can. 

Everyone that thinks that putting up a wall and adding more stringent immigration vetting to ensure the safety of the American people is racist needs to grow up and realize what is going on in the world.  

I have kids and I don't want my daughter killed or raped and I don't want my sons killed for trying to defend their sister from these downright sadistic pigs.  These terrorists are taking over many parts of the world that were once peaceful and wonderful places to live or visit. Now you can't go to certain places because of fear of attack simply because you aren't Muslim.

I refuse to vote in another person who doesn't care what so ever about the American people and only cares about her own political "achievements". Hillary Clinton needs to be in PRISON! Obama needs to be IN PRISON!  

They have both lied and broken laws that were put in place to protect the American people from tyrants that simply want to reign supreme over a country. This country is NOT a dictatorship!  It's a democracy and there are laws that even the so called "President" MUST obey!

So Buzzfeed I ask you, what is your real agenda?  To get Killary elected? You and the rest of the news media seem to think that she can actually win this election....LMFAO!  She will never win this election.  SHE WILL GO TO PRISON WHERE SHE BELONGS!  

And now this!  WTF BUZZFEED!? REALLY!?

Peretti wrote, "We don't run cigarette ads because they are hazardous to our health, and we won't accept Trump ads for the exact same reason."

What the heck is that about?  Hazardous to our health?! You've got to be kidding me! Your statements are so ridiculous all I can do is laugh at the moronic nature of your unbelievable stupidity!  Hillary wants to make sure this country is taken into another civil war by taking away our rights at an even more vigorous rate than Obama, but you say Trump is hazardous to our health? WOW! 

If your workers need to come to this country, they can.  The only thing Donald Trump demands is for them to do so legally and safely for the American public.  And as for you Buzzfeed, you will go the way of other come and go, so called media outlets and you will vanish off the face of the earth all because you have now disgraced yourselves by using pathetic excuses for turning your back on the next great president of the U.S.A! 

You disgust me!  Go back to cat videos!  

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Buzzfeed Loser Alert

Buzzfeed Drops Donald Trump Seriously Stupid In My Opinion

June 7, 2016
Every company has the right not to do business with anyone, but Buzzfeed has just proved how stupid they really can be. If you're going to do this you might

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