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Twitter Advertising

Why Twitter Advertising Is Better Than Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising is easier, more engaging, less expensive, and more effective than Facebook ads. I know everyone is all about Facebook ads and how awesome they are, and I tend to agree, they can be highly lucrative, but the expense is not typically justified.
products for pennies

How To Get High End Products For Pennies On The Dollar

Creating your own products to launch and sell can take time and a lot of money. What you could get high quality white label products for pennies of what
Customer Service Skills Surprise

Customer Service Skills Ways to Surprise And Delight Customers

Customer service skills are essential in retaining your customers and keep them buying from you here are some ways to surprise and delight them and get more
Buzzfeed Loser Alert

Buzzfeed Drops Donald Trump Seriously Stupid In My Opinion

Every company has the right not to do business with anyone, but Buzzfeed has just proved how stupid they really can be. If you're going to do this you might
dealing with morons

How To Deal With Morons On Social Media

If you're doing business online, you have a few morons hanging around not only your private profile, but a business page or two.Here's some tips to deal....
Burning Money

Top 4 Ways Marketing Strategies Burn Through Your Money

I've been in the marketing business for over 12 years and it's amazing how much money I've put into this business.I show you what you need to avoid to..
Work from home

Top 4 Ways To Work From Home In 2016

Working from home is not a myth and it is not a hard thing to get into doing. There are a few in demand ways you can start to work from home using your...
product promotion

Top Tips For Certain Product Promotion Success

So you've created a great product. Now what? Getting your product promotion right the first time around is crucial to your product's success but where? How?
Social Media

Top 8 Habits Of Powerfully Successful Social Media Marketers

The most successful social media marketers have several habits that they possess in their arsenal of marketing strategies.Want to know what they are and how
Quality Content

How To Find Or Buy 100% Original Website Content

Our time is a precious commodity and creating quality content can sometimes seem impossible. In today's internet you don't need to waste time creating if...
Blog Directory positive results

The Top 3 Reasons To Add Your Website To A Blog Directory

Submitting your blog to a blog directory is one fast and easy way to get more exposure for your blog and to gain more followers. More followers means more...
Epic SEO Blogs

10 Epic SEO Blogs To Follow In 2016

Why do I call them Epic SEO blogs? Because that's just what they are! These blogs are my favorite go to blogs for everything under the sun about SEO check..
Content Creation

6 Simple Steps To Creating Engaging Funnel Content

Your funnel content strategy is one of the most important strategies for your business. Content creation doesn't have to be complicated use these simple...
solo ad landing page

8 Steps To Making A Killer Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most important pages on your website.  It ranks up there right along side your home page.  If you get these pages wrong on your website you are doomed to a failed business. This post will show you the simple steps you can take to ensure that your landing pages are sure to get opt ins on a regular and predictable basis.   1. What Is The Purpose Of Your Landing Page   In order to know what information you need to include in your landing page, you need to first figure out what [...]
domain name EP_AD

6 Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Domain Name

When starting a new business most people don't think about the impact a new domain name will have on their business. New domain names may be specific to business, such as your business name, but the impact on your search engine rank can be huge.
On target SEO

Do you want to know the best kept secrets to SEO?

Would you like me to reveal a SEO secret that will help you easily boost your website's ranking in the search engines?New evidence suggest that Google has done away with PR ranking in it's algorithm for ranking websites. Although this is true to some extent, there is a lot of conversation about whether it's true or not.  The metrics has disappeared from the tool bar settings, but does that mean it's gone for good? What are website owners supposed to do to get ranked or stay ranked?  If you're serious about achieving success with SEO, then you're going to need [...]
accept failure

Failure…The Essence of Success

Have you ever heard the expression failure is not an option? I lol every time I hear that.  Failure is always and option!  You need to get that straight.  I have no fear of failing anymore.  Why you ask?  Because I've failed so many times that now I'm succeeding! Without it, there is never success.  I've failed thousands of times.  What makes me different than you?  Nothing, other than I've most likely failed more than you and that makes me more experienced at it than you.    I find it funny how people always gravitate toward people who have success [...]
Business Growth_Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen

Have you ever tried so hard to get things in your business rolling, but just couldn't get it done?  I have and it was a drain on my mental stability, physical well being, and my finances.  You have many people telling you many ways to be successful online, but most are just trying to sell you something themselves. The only person you should be listening to is yourself.  The reason I say this, is because you know what your capabilities are.  You know your talents, your finances, and your limitations.  Yes I get the shiny new program out there that [...]