Customer Service Skills Surprise

Customer Service Skills Ways to Surprise And Delight Customers

Customer service skills are essential in retaining your customers and keep them buying from you here are some ways to surprise and delight them and get more customers to recommend your products and services.

#1.  Going Above Customer Service Expectations

Going above and beyond their expectations is one of the most important aspects you can bring to the table when it comes to customer service skills. When you give your customers more value than they expected for the money that they paid they will undoubtedly share their experience with their friends and family. 

#2.  Sending Unexpected Surprises

What do you think your customers would do if you sent them a little surprise in the mail unexpectedly?  Do you think they would love it and think of you when they needed a product or service that you sell instead of your competitor's?  I think so.  Everyone loves a little surprise, especially when they would never expect it in a million years. 

A few examples of what you can send your customers are: 

  • Cookie Samples
  • Your Product Samples
  • Happy Birthday Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • $5 Gift Cards (Itunes, Glam Bag, etc.)
  • Discount Codes
  • Coupons

#3.  A Simple Thank You Note

A simple thank you can go a long way in keeping your customers happy.  I've seen some marketers that don't send a thank you, but instead have their auto-responder set up to send yet another sales email.  What do you thing would be best?  Exactly, a heart felt thank you email simple, yet very effective.  

If you send physical products, add a thank you card to your packaging when you send out your products to your customers.  Make sure it's the first thing they see, even before they get the product that they purchased from you.  It shows that their satisfaction is important to you, and that you appreciate them as a person. 

#4.  The Personal Touch

Nothing else in this world tells a customer that they are valued more than a personal phone call or email from a person in the company in high standing.  For example, the CEO or owner of the company replying to a customer service question or issue.

From a customer standpoint, their questions could not be answered any better than by the CEO or owner themselves.  They are blown away that someone of that high of a standing would take time out of their day to answer a simple question that any customer service agent could have answered quite efficiently. 

When they see that they as a customer are important enough to the CEO or owner to answer their simple question, they feel valued and trust the company much quicker than they would with the typical round robin routine we are all accustomed to when it comes to dealing with customer service reps. 

#5.  Look Out For Your Customers

What do I mean by this?  It's simple.  If you notice that your company made a mistake such as didn't include a special offer that was intended to go along with the original purchase, send them that offer before they ask.  While you're at it, send them an additional bonus because you screwed up.

When they receive those things before they even had to point out the mistake to you, they will be astonished that you recognized the mistake and took it upon yourself to correct it promptly. I have seen mistakes before, and most times I have had to argue with the customer service rep to get what was initially promised.   

You don't want this to happen.  Always take the initiative if you catch it first do something about it.  Don't sit there and wait and see if anyone notices.  When you take the initiative to fix it before the problem is even known, you may lose in the short term, but you gain much more in the long term.

#6.  Get To Know Your Customers And Their Habits

Customer Service Knowledge

When you get to know a few basic things about your customers, you will know exactly how to market your products to them in a way that is pleasing to them.  The info-graphic above names only a few things that you should know about your customers in order to market effectively.  

The more you know about your customers the easier it is to know exactly what to sell them, when, and how to get your message to them.  Below you will find a list of other main things you should know about your customers. There are several tools you can use to accomplish this and Google Analytics is a free and valuable tool that you can put to use today and gain great insights into your customers needs, wants, habits, and interests. 

  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Job Status
  • Employer
  • Income
  • Net Worth
  • Hobbies
  • Interests

#7.  Pay Attention On Social Media

If you are using any type of social media it's very important that you keep up with what your customers are saying about your company.  If they are a customer make sure you send them an invitation to like your social media business page.

This they can have the ability to tag your company in any tweets or posts in Facebook and Twitter.  You will get a notification of the post and you can reply and retweet or share.  This boosts your word of mouth for your business and it also reinforces the fact to your customers that you care about them and will respond to a good or bad post.

If it's a bad post because they are unhappy about something, take this opportunity to show not only them, but potential customers that you will go above and beyond for your customer and give them the customer service right there in front of the entire world on social media.

When you do this it helps your business and has a great effect on potential customers as well as your current customer and tells them you do care and you will solve the problem even if you have to take a short term loss. Make sure you cement the fact to them that their happiness is most important and not the perceived hit to your reputation. 

If you were to leave an unhappy customer comment without addressing it satisfactorily to the customer on social media it would be a bad thing.  Use it to your advantage and turn it into a very good thing for your company. 

#8. Check In With Your Customers

Let your customers know that you care by checking in with them and asking them how they are enjoying their purchase.  Ask them outright if they received their purchase and if they were satisfied with the product.

A lot of times you will run into people that are just too nice for their own good.  Like myself they don't like to complain and make a company raise a fuss over a product that was not quite what they were expecting so they don't contact customer support because they don't want to seem like they are causing trouble. 

When you send a simple email asking them these questions it puts these people at ease and makes them feel like they can speak openly and voice their concerns about your product if they have any.  

Make a point to send an email or even a phone call to ask them how they like your product.  The type of people who are too nice to contact customer support will appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone and have any concerns addressed without feeling like they are a bother or like they would get someone into trouble. 

I hope these simple tips have given you some great ideas to better your customer's experience with your company.  Don't take customer service lightly, and fix any issues you might run into during your walk in your customer's shoes. 

Customer service be a make or break for your company and providing the best customer service is something your company should strive for. 

Please leave a comment below letting me know how this post has helped you.  Any other comments are welcome as well. 

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