accept failure

Failure…The Essence of Success

Have you ever heard the expression failure is not an option? I lol every time I hear that.  Failure is always and option!  You need to get that straight.  I have no fear of failing anymore.  Why you ask?  Because I've failed so many times that now I'm succeeding!

Without it, there is never success.  I've failed thousands of times.  What makes me different than you?  Nothing, other than I've most likely failed more than you and that makes me more experienced at it than you.   

I find it funny how people always gravitate toward people who have success in their lives without realizing exactly how that person got to be so successful.  They didn't just get up one day and say to themselves...ok, today i'm going to make tens of thousands of dollars and be a success. 

NO!  Not in any way shape or form did that happen.  Behind every single successful person is an absolute failure.  Don't believe me?  Ask around.  You'll see I'm 100% correct.  No one learns from success, but everyone learns from failure. 

We are hard wired to learn this way.  We are hard wired to learn from pain.  So when you fail at something you feel bad and it kinda hurts....right?  So our brain automatically pays closer attention to that failure.  

Over the course of our tries and fails, our brain starts to put the pieces together an learns quite efficiently what will work and what won't.  You need to listen to your own brain.  When you fail, make sure you write down how you failed.  

Write down your small successes through out the whole experience.  Even though in total it was a fail, what did you do right?  Failure isn't opposite of success it is the essence of it.  You have to drill that in your head and really get an understanding of the power of that statement. 

Over time you too will learn through the pain of failure to be successful beyond your wildest dreams.  You may think I must be joking, but I'm telling you the absolute truth.  Celebrate your failures because you have learned valuable lessons on how to be successful. 

It's all in how you look at things that makes the difference.  Make sure you are learning from every failure.  Even if it's only one seemingly small lesson, it's a win....

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