Buyer Traffic from Facebook

4 Simple Steps To Finding Buyer Traffic On Facebook

Getting Buyer Traffic From Facebook Is Too Hard!


This is the statement I hear from all over.  Getting traffic to your website is hard enough but getting that traffic to convert can seem impossible. Finding buyers on Facebook can be even more elusive, unless you know where to look. 

There is a way to find buyer traffic from Facebook.  Believe it or not, it's easier than you may think.  Below I outline the simple steps you can take to find that traffic and profit from that traffic.


1.  How To Find An Ad In Your Niche


First you need to find an ad that is in your niche.  There are a couple of ways to do this.  The first way is to simply scroll down your timeline.  I'm sure you see ads on Facebook while you're scrolling down you timeline that relate to at least one or two niches that you are involved in. 

The second way is to actually search Facebook for your niche ads.  All you have to do is type the following in the search box in the top left corner of Facebook "Your Niche Keyword" Ads. Once you click search you will scroll down to see the results and find one that has a lot of likes, comments, and shares.  

In this demonstration I'm using an ad for dog toys.  You will notice on the image below that there are 1.4k likes, 51 comments, and 292 shares.  This is how you will find your buyer traffic. I am going to show you step by step how to research and target the people who love this toy. 



Buyer Traffic

2.  How To Find Your Hot Targets


I know when that "Research" word comes up there are some eye rolls and ughs, and oh nos out there, but this is actually the easiest research out there. I think it's pretty fun too. You get to see all the different ways you can target each of these people to get them to click on your ad and go to your website.

The first step to this research is opening up the comments that are on the page and seeing what people are saying in the comments.  When you find people that comment a positive comment such as "I love these" or someone who tags another person, these are your hot targets.

These are people who are poised to purchase products like these.  They are the ones that are most likely to go to your sales page or opt-in page with credit card in hand and full intentions of buying what ever you have to sell to them.

Once you have identified one, simply right click on their name and open their profile in a new tab.  You aren't going to want to lose that ad, because there are a lot of other people on there to research so make sure you open their profile in a new tab.


Buyer Traffic Research

3.  How To Discover Profile Like Similarities


Once you have a few of these profiles open you are going to want to hover over the MORE tab on their profiles and see if they have their LIKES public.  If they do click on the likes tab for those people.

Here is where you will search through their likes and find similarities between these people.  By doing this, you are essentially reverse engineering the targeting on this particular ad.  This will tell you how this company set up their targeting within Facebook for this ad.

You will want to look for niche related groups and pages that are able to be targeted on Facebook.  Not all of the groups and pages can be targeted, so you will have to check each one in your ads management console when you are setting up your targeting. 

For now, just simply add each niche related group or page to a text document. After looking at a few of these profiles you will start to see similarities on page and group likes for this group of people.  

Buyer Traffic Likes

4.  How To Target The Audience On Facebook


You will want to follow the above procedure for the people who liked and shared the post as well.  Don't just stop at the ones who have commented.  There is a lot more information with the people who liked and shared as well.

Once you compile your list of groups and pages you will then go to your ads management and create an ad. You will start out with entering each group you have on your list one at a time. If you enter the group or page name and that group or page does not show up beneath it in the drop down menu, then that group can't be targeted and you can delete it from your list.

But if it does, select it and keep adding pages and groups until you have a sizable audience of a few million people.  

Once you get your audience built up you will want to narrow your audience until you end up with a group of around 300,000.  If you have a group that far exceeds that, you will want to keep narrowing.  Simply enter each audience interest or behavior in the narrow audience link.(See image below)

When you click on that link the box will open up and you will enter more interests or behaviors to narrow down your audience.  By narrowing your audience, you ensure that you are getting the type of people who are most likely to purchase a product.  See the list below for some behavior and financial targeting you can use on Facebook. 


  • Behavior-> people who purchase items related to dogs(For dog items)
  • Financial either net-worth or Yearly income
  • Dog owners(For dog items)
  • ONLINE BUYERS(This is a must)
buyer traffic narrow audience

Once you get the targeting set the rest is pretty simple.  You will choose your budget, image, and write your ad.  You will see that when you use this strategy your engagement on your ad will be higher than you would typically see, and your conversions should reflect it as well.

Keep in mind that this article only touched on one topic, dog toys.  This method can be used with any niche you want.  You see ads in every topic and niche every day on Facebook.  No matter what niche you are in this strategy will help you find truly targeted and interested buyer traffic from Facebook.  

One more tip I would like to share with you is don't over complicate this process.  I am a person who can get caught up in the research process simply because I find researching things like this interesting. I can spend hours looking through people's profiles and finding different ways to target them.

You don't have to spend hours doing this.  Find one or two similar groups or pages that have a large audience and then narrow down that audience.  

For more in depth traffic and business training check out our Epic Advantages Academy where you can see the step by step video training on this technique and many more valuable business insight training courses.   
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