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Do you want to know the best kept secrets to SEO?

Would you like me to reveal a SEO secret that will help you easily boost your website's ranking in the search engines?New evidence suggest that Google has done away with PR ranking in it's algorithm for ranking websites.
Although this is true to some extent, there is a lot of conversation about whether it's true or not.  The metrics has disappeared from the tool bar settings, but does that mean it's gone for good? What are website owners supposed to do to get ranked or stay ranked? 
If you're serious about achieving success with SEO, then you're going to need to pay close attention to this post. Don't forget to watch the video where I show you how I find good SEO domain names, how to measure a website's link value, and how to find good websites to post your links on. 

Before I introduce you to my methods of SEO it's essential that you understand that you will have to do some work. You will have to research the websites you want to post to.  You will also have to develop a linking strategy which I also cover in the video. 

The key to great SEO is now and will for the foreseeable future be to have quality THEMED backlinking and frequently updated quality original content. You must stick with a theme when you are creating posts and content.  If you go off theme, the links or content can hurt your overall performance with the search engines.  

You also must make sure that your content is updated frequently.  Best is posting at least once per day, but you can keep up a pretty good ranking if you post at least once a week. If you want Google to see your homepage as the most important page on your site, then the best thing to do is always link each page back to your homepage.  By doing this, and doing it in a natural way, Google will notice that your homepage is the most important page on your website. 


As you read above, theme is very important to your domain authority rank and your page authority rank. You must stay within the same niche when you are linking to another website or page on your website.  

For instance if you placed a backlink on a page about dogs when your website is about kids toys it would do you absolutely no good.  It may even hurt your rankings.  If your website is about dogs, stick to the dog websites for backlinking. 

Also, if your website has many different topics in the same niche like a general "Animals" theme, then you can post to any animal website back to your home page or a page on your website that is in the same theme.  

An example of that would be Animal site (Outside Website which links to) -->Dogs (Your Dog Category which links to ) --> Dog Toys (Your dog toy article which links to) --> Kong Chew Toy (Your sales page for Kong Chew Toy). 

Are you beginning to see how valuable it is to have a themed backlinks to your website? By doing this simple strategy and really putting thought behind every backlink you post your SEO will begin to bring you in much more valuable visitors.  

People will begin to spend more and more time on your website. Your bounce rate on your website will be measurably lower and your ranking in the search engines will continue to get higher as you post more and more themed links to sites that are relevant to your content. 

In the video SEO series below you will find out more beneficial tips to evenly round out your strategy and grow your website within a few weeks to be bringing in more organic traffic that Google and the other search engines love to see.  

How To Choose A Good Domain

Backlink Structure Basics

Find Backlinking Websites

Contacting Website Admins

Email template that was used in the contact website admin's video was found on Brian Dean's website BACKLINKO.  Thank you Brain for the great tip. 


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