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6 Simple Steps To Creating Engaging Funnel Content

In today's world of internet, technology, and marketing content is king and will for the foreseeable future always will be.  If your business does not have content that your customers are looking for, you won't do very well on the internet.

Yes you can have a spectacular product, but if you don't have content to go along with that product there is a lot of uncertainty around the product and around your business in general. People expect to be able to get to know your business and your brand through the content you deliver to them on your website and through social media.

If you are not constantly putting out engaging and useful content you're going to be dead in the water.  This article gives you some helpful hints to producing content that your visitors will love, come back for, and share.  

1. Your Content Title Must Be Engaging


If your tittle doesn't catch anyone's eye, you won't get any visitors to your website.  There are a few tips that I can give you for creating titles that will get you noticed. 

  1. Lists, creating lists are always eye catching.  Titles could be things like 10 ways to get your baby to stop crying, 5 things to remember before leaving the house, 8 ways to get your dog to stop chewing, etc.
  2. How to, this is pretty much the same as a list, but it touches on e-learning. E-learning is one of the most profitable niches to get into.  If you have a list that teaches someone to do something step by step, then you have content that should keep their attention the entire way through the article.
  3. Combining the two is a home run.  This goes for google as well.  Google loves these two formats for titles, and when your content and SEO are on the mark you can get ranked quite quickly.  Especially if you share your content on Google+

2. Embed Video In Your Content


Articles are not the only form of content out there that is highly useful.  Just look at YouTube.  YouTube is on top of the world when it comes to content.  People love videos and can and do spend hours upon hours on YouTube searching and watching different videos. 

There is a seemingly unlimited amount of content on YouTube alone.  Videos are highly interactive and keep people's attention longer than an article can.  So if you are able to integrate video into your article, DO SO!  

Your followers will enjoy the break from the typical article and get a higher sense of enjoyment from being on your website.  Use the same type of content for your videos as you do with your articles.  

Write a list or a how to article, then turn around and recreate that article in video format.  Cooking, woodworking, marketing tutorials, and  workout videos do very well in this format. People are hungry for information.  Don't be afraid to give it to them in video format.  

homepage screen shot ea

3. Use Images To Capture Attention


The use of images is no secret.  Images have been used in content since the internet began. But if you use them strategically this could boost your visitor engagement.  For instance the image above is of my home page.  There are images, headlines, and descriptions that catch the visitor's attention as well as teaching them the steps to creating a content marketing funnel.

For each image there is an article attached and those images show a representation of what the visitor can expect from the article which is backed up with the description.  These elements put together strategically will prompt the visitor to either click the image or click the headline.  In doing either of those things will take the visitor to the article that the image links to. 

The images at the bottom of the screen show Icons.  These can also be used to help engage people and get them to click on the icon to be taken to an opt-in form to gather their information where they are placed into a different type of content funnel a video training funnel.

You should, when ever possible use info graphics.  Info-graphics are very useful for visitor engagement.  Visitors come to your website to learn more about you and what your business has to offer or teach them.  Info-graphics can be a very useful and engaging teaching tool. If you can add them to your articles, do so. 

If you can't find an info-graphic online that fits your needs, they are pretty simple to make if you have access to Photoshop or any other photo editing software. 

4. Link Your Content To Flow Easily


Once you get all of your content up and ready to publish to the internet, make sure you link your content in a strategic and logical manner. For instance, if you have made a video training series, you won't want someone starting out on video one and clicking to watch the next video only to end up on video 5 and not knowing what is going on.

Have your content laid out before you publish.  Use a mind mapping software such as Freemind to help you lay out exactly how you want people to go through your funnel. Place your links on the map its self to help you visualize where the flow is going and what people will see once they start through the funnel and what steps they will take to get through to your sales pages.  

5. Setting Up Your Content Marketing Funnel

The following is an example of how I have set up the video training series on this website. This series is a marketing funnel.  At the end of the free content funnel, there is a paid content funnel. You will need a membership software for this as well.  I use S2Member.  It's free to start and $99/year for the upgraded version, but if you only have 1-4 free and paid membership levels the free version will work just fine for you until you get into the more advanced membership options which I'll talk about later in this article. 

My funnel works as follows: 

Entrance Option 1:

Home page links to opt in pages or article pages. Once people click on a link on my home page they are taken to either an article page, or to an opt in page.  If they chose to read an article, there are links in the article or at the end of the article directing them to a suggested training. For example, the training for this article would be the video series Basic Business Training

If you were to click on that link you will see that it leads you to an opt-in page where your information would be collected and you would then be taken to level one of the basic business training video series. If you click on the image of the landing page below, you will see that it also takes you to the opt-in page. 

Entrance option 2:

The way visitors enter the funnel this way is through an opt-in form like the one above.  I run different advertising campaigns to each of my landing pages to capture people's email addresses and then send them through the same funnel as above. The only difference is how they got to the landing page.  Entrance one was indirectly, this option is the direct route.

The object of the marketing funnel is simple.  The free content allows people to get to know you as a person and as a business.  This builds the trust that people have for you and for your business.  

You can't hope to sell anything to anyone if you are unable to gain their trust and help them to learn that you know what you are talking about. Anyone can set up a website online and post silly articles all day long, but not everyone can build trust with their visitors to get them to finally convert into paying customers. 

The marketing funnel allows you to do that without much effort on your part as long as you are creating quality content from the start.  If you place content on your website that has been published somewhere else on the internet by someone else, you will look very unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Use your own original content at all times.  I know there are quite a few other marketers out there that purchase their content so they don't have to do the work of sitting down and actually creating an article from scratch.

The fact of the matter is, if they do this I don't hold much value in what the have to say.  I want to learn from people who really know what they are talking about, and so do your visitors.  

If you are planning on creating training videos, do them yourself. It's not that hard to get a screen capture software and simply show people step by step how you run your business every day.

You don't have to show your face, and I don't show mine in any of my videos, but your voice is what people will be expecting and it should be your voice.  If you offer a video series that is not made by you simply let your visitors know that someone else created it, but you think it's valuable information that they would get valuable benefits from.

Always be upfront with your visitors.  If you are caught in a lie, your business will suffer for it for a long time.  So it's always best to be upfront with your visitors and only offer products that you yourself use and know work well for what ever task you are trying to help solve for your customers.


6. How To Use The Contact Information


The main goal of the marketing funnel is to make sales.  There are two different ways you can make sales using a marketing funnel.  The first way was explained above with visitors going through a free training series with a paid training series offer at the end of the funnel. 

The second way is by employing email marketing.  Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your visitors engaged with your website and get them to come back time and time again. You can use email marketing to do the following: 


  • Announce new posts get visitors to reengage
  • Send sales emails
  • Tempt with sales and special offers
  • Ask questions and send polls for future content creation

Visitors and subscribers generally aren't notified when you add a new post to your website.  You can use email marketing to inform your subscribers that there is new valuable content on your website that they would enjoy reading or watching. This keeps your visitors coming back to your website and reengaging with you.

You can send out related sales emails.  These emails need to be kept to a minimum.  Twice a week at the most.  If you send out too many sales emails you will loose their trust and your subscribers will start to unsubscribe. That is not what you want to do.

Only send sales emails offering products that are related to the topic of your business.  For example, you would not send an email selling cat toys to a list of people that are interested in swimming pools.  This would also result in quite a lot of un-subscribers.

You can send emails tempting your subscribers with discounts on your own personal products such as offering a $1.00 trial for a membership trial.  You can also send them personal coupon codes for your product discounts.

Asking your subscribers what they want is another way you can use their information.  You can do this one of two ways. You can simply send an email asking them what they need help with so you can make the training for them, or you can send a poll.

Some auto-responder companies offer polls and some don't.  You will have to ask your auto-responder company if they offer polls if you don't see them in your email set up options. 

I hope you can see from this article how important content and content engagement is to your business.  If you have any questions about this article please leave a comment below or go to our help desk and submit a support ticket.  


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