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8 Steps To Making A Killer Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most important pages on your website.  It ranks up there right along side your home page.  If you get these pages wrong on your website you are doomed to a failed business. This post will show you the simple steps you can take to ensure that your landing pages are sure to get opt ins on a regular and predictable basis.


1. What Is The Purpose Of Your Landing Page


In order to know what information you need to include in your landing page, you need to first figure out what your landing page's purpose is.  Do you want to capture a lead or do you want to sell them something. 

If you just want to capture a lead, you will have to decide on what information you NEED in order to follow up with that visitor.  If your goal is to call them, you will need their name and phone number, if you just want them to subscribe to your news letter, you will only need their email.  

There has been major discussions on whether or not to ask for a name when it comes to news letters or sales emails.  Some say asking for a name will result in fewer added to the list.  I look at it this way, if they are truly interested in what I have to offer and are serious about actually opening up another email from me they will gladly enter their first name in a box. 

If they aren't truly interested in what I have to offer, then yes they will most likely just leave the page and that's ok with me.  I don't want people on my list that don't truly want to be there and won't open up another email from me. Give this some thought before you start to plan out your landing page.

2. How To Set Up Your Headlines


If you are giving away a free report, ebook, or list you will think about the topic of that give away for your headlines. You will want the top headline smaller than the main headlines and make it clear if there is a charge for what you are offering. 

For list building it's easier to get information from people if you have an offer that is no charge.  There are many different ways to get a free or low cost product to offer your visitors.  Making one yourself offers an added benefit of allowing you to introduce yourself and allows people to learn to trust you by simply giving them good information.

When you give people good information that helps them out they trust you and begin to be open to what you have to tell them and most importantly what you have to sell to them.  They will be more apt to open up your emails and read them.

Your second head line should be what the product is. For instance we will use the landing page in the image above.  400 Solo Ad Providers list. Lists work very well when trying to get subscribers. They are very easy to describe in short sentences. 

Your third headline should list a big additional benefit.  Such as in the image above is states that the list includes CCP (Cost Per Click) and conversion rates for each provider test solo on the list. 

Your fourth line should be a smaller headline featuring another benefit of what you are giving away. In this instance the headline is "100% Tested and Trusted Providers".

Your last line should take away any and all reservations that people have about the product in question. In this instance it's made clear that the providers were trusted and tested by adding the line "If I didn't get opt-ins or a sale they didn't make the list".


too many fonts on landing page

3. Use One Font Throughout The Page


When you use too many fonts with your page you will only create confusion.  I know there are people out there that will tell you that you need to make you page stand out from the rest and use different elements to draw attention to different parts of your page.

Well, that's fine if you are a cartoonist and you create a blog for children and you want to draw their attention quickly from one part of your page to another, but using different fonts on a landing page where you are trying to be serious can have the exact opposite effect that you are going for.

Consistency is key for any website and any webpage. If you don't have consistency, your pages look unprofessional and confusing.  You will end up with low to no opt-ins and a skyrocketing bounce rate for your website which can harm your overall rankings. Always use the same font. 

Thumbs up

4. Pay Attention To Your Images


You want your images to be solid.  What I mean by solid is you need to take into account how the images make you feel, not just how they look in general.  Do they make you feel happy?  Do they portray excitement? 

If your images don't make you feel anything, they aren't going to have much of an effect on your visitor's mood either.  Just slapping a picture on the page just for the sake of having an image isn't the right choice to make. 

If your picture is of a person or people there are a few rules you'll want to pay attention to.  Don't have more than 3 people in your image.  Netflix did a study this year on the different aspects of how people respond to elements in images. They published the story on May 6th, 2016.

The study shows that having more then three people on an image has an adverse effect on their advertising.  The fewer people in their images the better the ads performed. So try and keep this number under 3.

Does your image convey what the visitor is likely to get out of the product?  In other words, the image used in the example opt in page show a happy woman who is giving the thumbs up to the product that is offered.  This conveys a sense that the woman was happy with the list she got. 

You want to try and capture how your visitors will feel after they opt-in and that they will be satisfied with the product in question once they get it as well as the reassurance that they will not regret giving their information for that product. 

5. Use Bullet Points To Highlight Benefits


The use of bullet points on a landing page to highlight additional benefits of that the product offers to the visitor has been proven to increase the opt-in rate.  In my own study the opt-in rate went from 12% to 39% with just the addition of these simple bullet points. You want to keep them short and to the point, but they reinforce the good feelings that the image portrays.

6. Use A Clear And Direct Call To Action


It might seem obvious when you go to a landing page what you need to do to get the product that you went there for, but there are some people out there that just simply need to be told what to do.

Make it perfectly clear with a direct call to action as to what you want the visitor to do do.  For instance, "CLICK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON TO GET THE LIST". This opt in page in particular uses a two step opt-in and when they click that download button the button drops down and the opt-in form pops up for them to enter their information.

Again on this second part of the form you will want to make it clear what you need them to do by telling them to enter their name and email address then click the download now button to get the list. When these clear directions are added to the page and the form you will see another rise in your opt-in rates.

Too many colors on landing page

7. Use color sparingly


Using too many colors on your landing page is the same as using too many fonts.  It creates confusion as to what part of the landing page is important and can confuse your visitors.  Only use color when there is a clear purpose to use it.

For instance color on your bullet points and color on your call to action button. For all of my landing pages I use the same color for both.  The reason for this is because I don't want my visitors to be confused as to what is more important on my page.  

You wouldn't want to color your bullet points red and your button orange for example.  Your visitors may think the bullet points are more important than the call to action and may ignore it all together and just simply leave without opting in and you could lose that lead.  Keep things consistent.

By now you should see how different elements on your landing pages can have either good or bad effects on your visitors.  A landing page should be simple.  Don't over complicate your landing pages.  You may feel that more excitement may be a good thing, but most visitors like short, sweet, and to the point.  

I have seen a long landing page and I wondered to myself why is this person trying so hard to "give" me something. You want to build trust over the long term with your visitors, and making them think that you are up to something before you get their information just isn't going to help you out any. 

To get the template for my landing page which is the landing page pictured at the top of the page, CLICK HERE, or go to the home page and click the 80% Opt-in Template link at the bottom of the page. 

Landing page like button

8. How To Add Social Proof


Social proof is another essential part of your landing page.  Showing people that others like and trust your brand brings more authority to your landing page. You will need a Facebook business page and a like button from Facebook to accomplish this.

Setting up your business page is as simple as setting up your own personal profile.  You all you have to do is log into Facebook and click on the triangle in the upper right hand side next to your notifications and scroll down and click on create page.

Once you click on that you will choose what your page is about.  Typically you would name the page after your business and fill in the business information.  You can choose which keywords you want for your page as well.  I recommend doing a little bit of keyword research to find optimum low competition keywords so you can be found much easier.

Once all of that is done, you will want to set up a call to action button directing people to your website for them to learn more about your business.  Usually this is your home page or about us page.

A great tip is to create notes on your business page to let people know what you offer in your business such as your products and services.  This way you can share your notes on your page and promote your notes.  You can easily add products and services to these notes with clickable buy now or learn more buttons which makes notes a great way to promote your business.

Once you get your page is set up you can set up your business like button which is pretty simple to set up you will first go to the Like Button Configuration page on Facebook. You will then add your business page information.  

Once you enter all of your business page information you will click on get code.  You will simply copy and paste this code into the page where you want it to be seen.  If you are using the profit builder page builder plug in, this is pretty simple to do.  You will just add a new row, I use a 3 space row and select text/html block, and paste the code in that box and click save and your like button with images of who likes your page will be set under your form button.

The more people who like your page the more people will show up under the button and the more authority your page will get.  

I hope you have enjoyed this article.  Please leave a comment below.  

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