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6 Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Domain Name

When starting a new business most people don't think about the impact a new domain name will have on their business. New domain names may be specific to business, such as your business name, but the impact on your search engine rank can be huge.
On target SEO

Do you want to know the best kept secrets to SEO?

Would you like me to reveal a SEO secret that will help you easily boost your website's ranking in the search engines?New evidence suggest that Google has done away with PR ranking in it's algorithm for ranking websites. Although this is true to some extent, there is a lot of conversation about whether it's true or not.  The metrics has disappeared from the tool bar settings, but does that mean it's gone for good? What are website owners supposed to do to get ranked or stay ranked?  If you're serious about achieving success with SEO, then you're going to need [...]