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Why Twitter Advertising Is Better Than Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising is easier, more engaging, less expensive, and more effective than Facebook ads.  I know everyone is all about Facebook ads and how awesome they are, and I tend to agree, they can be highly lucrative, but the expense is not typically justified.

The click through rate for typical Facebook ads is under 1% and if you are getting 1% - 2% you're considered to be killing it on Facebook.  This I find appalling. I also find it quite unsettling that people think it's ok that the rates are this high.  

"It's highly targeted traffic!" They say, "It converts better than anything else!" They say...Who the hell are "They"?  "They" are multi-millionaires that have tons of money to spend on their advertising and as long as at some point they see a little return on their investment they're ok with the hundred's of thousand's of dollars they spend every month on Facebook.

I am not a multi-millionaire, nor have I ever claimed to be.  I am like most marketers out there that are struggling to make a living at the marketing game.  But there are some things that I have figured out and I pass my information out to help other people on a regular basis.

You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to have a thriving business, and you don't have to be one to know what the hell you're talking about when it comes to running ads. 

The Dumb Ass Mindset

Here's what these people want you to can set up a $5.00 ad on Facebook and make tons of money back from that ad.  100% complete bullshit I don't care who you are.  They also want you to believe that selling things to people is so simple their kids can do it.  Well of course your kids can do it, they have your money to hire professional copywriters that will have people buying up what ever you have to sell and they have your millions to play with.  

Not to mention those kids I bet you all your millions have never sat down and done keyword research, demographic research, interest groups research etc.  Oh no, you and your millions paid for someone else to do all that for them, so exactly how much of this do those adorable children of yours actually do when it comes to marketing?  I bet ya they do absolutely ZERO!

Because if they did, they would lose their shirts just like so many other people that run Facebook ads no matter what their experience.  Don't get sucked into this BS people, testing and wasting a ton of money to find what works on Facebook is the only way you are ever going to make a dime with Facebook ads.

Twitter Advertising is Different

Now, Twitter advertising I have found to be highly effective, more than 1000x more engaging, and even more lucrative.  I ran a small ad that lasted for 3 days.  It was to a high end product that I offer for my custom private blog network development. The prices on my PBN development are $1500 for 5 high pr blogs and $2500 for 8 high pr blogs completely set up with high quality 100% original content.  

I was just playing around and had not tried Twitter advertising before and was curious on how much more effective Twitter advertising was compared to Facebook advertising.  The results I got shocked me to say the least.  I spent 22.40 over 3 days.  

Of course I spent time doing my keyword research and demographic research, but if you know anything about advertising on any platform you know you have to do that step before you even begin to create an ad. 

I was a little confused at first with setting up the ad, it's not like Facebook, there aren't any groups to target, and I didn't know exactly what to focus on so I settled on tweet engagement....that was the best choice I'll show you why. Look at the image below from my simple 3 day campaign. 

My Twitter Advertising Results

Twitter Advertising Campaign Totals

What do you notice about this campaign?  Anything?  I noticed right off the bat that there was 53 clicks to my website.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  I was simply expecting to have my tweet re-tweeted or liked.  

Even more amazing to me, I wasn't charged one single cent for those clicks.  Yeah you read that correctly.  Nothing, nada, zero! But, let's look at this a little closer.  There were 2,735 views, 53 clicks, and 20 tweet engagements (At this point in the campaign.).

If you were to calculate how much the same engagement would cost you in Facebook, you would see the difference.  a typical click in Facebook will cost you anywhere from .50 to over $3.00.

So let's do the math here.  Twitter advertising: 22.40 total spend / 53 clicks = .42 cents per click.

Facebook advertising 53 clicks * .50 (Extreme low end ) = 26.50 Savings = $4.10

No $4.10 isn't a huge savings, but what happened with Twitter advertising that didn't happen with the same ad on Facebook was that I got 2 sales from that ad.  YEP 2! One for each package.  

So now lets do the math on that.  Facebook advertising no sales = -26.50 loss.

Twitter advertising 2 sales for a gross profit of $3,997.60.  


Twitter Advertising Bottom Line

I don't care what technique you have used, how long you've been in marketing, you can't deny that in today's market Facebook advertising is getting harder and harder to make a profit from.  Unless you are a multi-millionaire and have a ton of money to spend each day to bring the traffic to your website that you need in order to make a profit, you are going to lose your shirt with Facebook. 

Bottom line is Twitter may be what you have been overlooking and something that you should try.  Below is another image from that same campaign.  I want you to look at that image and ask yourself if you have ever had that type of a result from your Facebook ads? If not, I think maybe it's time to switch to a new platform. 


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